Aqua Jet Wash are very proud to offer their domestic customer’s a very high end quality service in the jet washing of outside hard surface areas. We have built up over the year’s an excellent domestic customer base through, reliability, attention to detail and recommendation, along with, value for money.


Aqua Jet Wash can transform tired, dull and lifeless patios, drives, decking, slabbed areas and block paving into clean, re-freshed and re-vitalised areas that you can be proud of. We have also developed a very successful method of removing moss and algae from hard surface areas using environmentally friendly and pet safe products. We also offer our customers a gutter cleaning service and will always clean up and remove any mess made.


We are pleased to offer:


  • One off cleans
  • Scheduled cleans
  • Packaged deals (a discount will be applied when any combination of services are booked together)


If you are looking for value for money, reliability with an excellent service, please get in touch.

Patios, Driveways, Block Paving & Slabbed Areas

Using a specialised rotary cleaning system we can remove unsightly dirt, grime and algae which has built up over time. This masks the colour and texture of the paving or blocks and does not make for a very good impression on your property, as well as making it slippy and dangerous.

Your patio or driveway will be left looking much brighter, cleaner and revitalised with a uniform, streak free finish.

Our friendly and courteous staff will always clean up after the work has been completed and will leave your property looking clean, tidy and refreshed. We also offer a re-sanding service to complete the new look.


Decking is a real show stopper when first built but, over time dirt grime and algae builds, which not only spoils the appearance and gives a poor impression but can also be dangerous and slippy.

With our experience and professional equipment we can revitalise your decking by restoring it back to a safe and well looked after area you can be proud to show off to your visitors and enjoy safely. We also offer a re-staining service.

Moss and Algae Removal

Hard surface areas are often damp and humid this in turn attracts moss, algae, lichen and liverwort. Not only is this unsightly, but it can be very slippy and dangerous.

We will deep clean using a jet wash, followed by an application of an inhibitor to kill the algae root systems which will restrict the re-growth.

Following the initial clean, we recommend a 12 monthly re-application of the inhibitor to prevent further growth, leaving your properly looking clean and refreshed.

The products we use are:

  • Safe for the occupier and domestic pets
  • No durable environment footprint
  • No material damage or physical alteration of the property


After jet washing clean your paved areas, we recommend re-sanding.

When the area is completely dry, we will brush kiln dried sand into the joints which will strengthen and lock them together. This also helps to prevent water from penetrating the paved area.